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Polish manufacturer of mould footwear production.
The Skarpol company is a first Polish producent, which has launched high- tech SCAVERSE shoes.


The Skarpol Company focuses not only on aesthetics of footwear, but also on young customers’ feet’s health. Each pair of shoes for kids have special Polish Certificate of Healthy Foot. It is given by Institute of Leather Industry. Our company commands a wide variety of girls’, boy’s and toddler’s shoes of any colour and pattern. Footwear are produced with taking care of the details. Some of the details are also homespun. What is more, our range commands winter shoes for girls as well as for boys. We offer trainers, white sneakers, sneakers with the print high- tops, lace- up shoes, velcro shoes and even shoes which you can draw on your own by markers from us.


Men’s shoes collection is sure and reliable for any season of the year. The Scarpol company offers classic shoes, casual shoes, breathable shoes or carpet slippers. All of them are comfortable and perfect for any type of shoes. They are available in many colours and patterns. Our shoes are so flexible- you can wear them when you go walking or even when you are at work.


Women’s collection are marked by variety and functionality. Our shoes highlight people’s outfits. The Scarpol company offers a wide range of shoes. That is why, our customers certainly can find something special for themselves, which suits their daily images and even their current mood. Retail sales are available entirely online. We welcome you warmly to view our all collections.

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