Welcome to SKARPOL s.c. Company! 



  Skarpol Company has been functioning in the footwear industry since 1997.

We are a manufacturer of PVC injection moulded shoes.

We produce shoes for children, men and women, for each foot, and for all the seasons of the year.

Every year we introduce new designs for all the seasons following the latest fashion in the footwear market..


 As the first manufacturer in Poland, we present SCAVERSE shoes in cutting edge technology,

made entirely from Polish materials in Poland.


It is an excellent alternative to the footwear made in China.



  As we have got experienced workers and advanced machines, we are able to provide

beautiful shoes of high quality and durability.  


‘Buying Polish shoes means providing workplaces  


 Our footwear is certified with ‘ZDROWA STOPA’ (meaning HEALTHY FOOT) mark. 



The ‘ZDROWA STOPA’ symbol is a hallmark for good footwear that provides

healthy development and proper functioning of the child's feet.


We make every effort to ensure that the shoes we offer are characterised by durability, comfort in

use, health benefits, perfect finish, smart designs, fashionable colours, and also the most attractive price.ą


Our key strengths include:

  • ethical performance
  • large production capacity
  • high quality of footwear offered
  • exceedingly wide range of products
  • delivery of goods in the country and abroad
  • timeliness and reliability
  • competitive prices
  • possibility to manufacture products for individual orders with a company logo


  Feel free to see our offer and we will be happy to start doing business with you!



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